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By Valene Mezmin

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As SHE’s Editorial Associate intern, Christina Jordan plays a key role in researching and communicating with the amazing women we hope to learn more about so that we can share their stories with our readers. Now a senior English Literature major at the University of Michigan, Christina is looking forward to the day she can utilize her degree and experience at SHE to obtain her dream job as Creative Director at a major fashion publication.


In our “Stories of She” series, we'll interview behind the scenes Super-Stars at SHE such as Christina. Our goal? Bring the leading ladies from our organization from behind our site to the forefront


While growing up in the Metro Detroit Area of Michigan, Christina learned that the greatest achievements in life, no matter how major or small, are never achieved alone. For her, it really did “take a village” for her to become the accomplished woman she is today.


Christina is proud to call Michigan her home, not just because of the beauty of the city and the sense of community she has found there, but also because of the people she has grown up with – her village. They are made up of her god-mothers, aunts, business professionals, medical doctors, cousins, sisters and all the people that her family has found a lifetime of friendship with.


“These women have been there for every significant moment in my life no matter what,” recalls Christina. Although many of them are not directly related to her, she still considers them family. “They have all shown me what it means to be a strong black woman and how to use that strength to give back and to be better.”


Although Christina says she will always love and be thankful for the village that helped raise her and her two siblings, nothing comes close to the responsibilities her mom had to face.


“My mom is the most influential woman in my life,” she states. “She is literally superwoman.” As a single parent, her mom made many sacrifices for her children, something Christina recognized and appreciated more and more as she got older. Her mom made sure her children went to the right schools, were in the right clubs, and were going to the right church in addition to pursuing a career and taking care of her own mother.


“My mother did it all. Now I won't say she didn't complain but I will say she made it look a lot easier than it was.”


Her mom and the village she built for her children was the main reason Christina says she became interested in female empowerment.


“I was lucky enough to have a mom and a village to show me how women are supposed to be there for one another, to uplift and uphold each other in our brightest and darkest days,” she says. “Seeing this growing up made me fully believe that women are truly invincible and don't need any man to make them better, just the support of their fellow sisters to help push them forward.”


Because of the support of the many women who have helped to raise her and achieve her potential, Christina is now working towards fulfilling her dream of working in the publishing industry and becoming a successful writer.


When she’s not busy with classes at the University of Michigan, Christina utilizes her writing skills as an intern for SHE.


“Working for SHE has been such an enlightening experience,” says Christina. “The women that we have featured and the women that I have found through research have inspired me so much.”


While we may be able to list the names of several famous female artists, singers, and rappers, Christina points out that there are so many accomplished CEO’s and founders who are making world changing impacts that most people have never heard of.


“SHE does that,” says Christina. “It puts those women at the forefront. It makes those women and their stories news, something that is so necessary in a time like this.”


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